Chairman's Desk


Manzoor Ahmad Ansari

"Health care and Education is the inalienable and indivisible rights held by us all, without which people cannot live in dignity."

It is our considered opinion that preservation of health is a duty and that impelled us at the Abdur Razzaque Ansari Memorial Weavers’ Hospital at Irba, Ranchi, to ask what problems the health sector would have to solve in coming years. One of the key points to emerge was that the hospital sector would have to find new ways of being dynamic, which moved us to think of creating an integrated health education campus close to our Hospital itself. We were also motivated by the turbulence of the business world today, quantum leaps.

We also thought that in such a climate the only way to succeed is to adapt, and that means being flexible and dynamic in managing the health sector. We originally intended to go in for the time-honoured scheme of strategy, structure and so on by setting up a medical college. But we thought that this would have made it difficult to look at the problems of the health sector from a new angle. We, therefore, decided to start a more unconventional and stimulating scheme of having every kind of education needed for strengthening the health sector- from Nursing, Paramedics Hospital Management, Pharmacy, Medical and Dental college and finally has an objective to convert the institution as Deemed University. This is an idea which has so far not received much attention.

We are aware that such innovation incurs the risk, as every innovation does, that the gap between the familiar and the new will be too great. But guided by the innovative aspiration of my father, late Abdur Razzaque Ansari, it seemed to us that we have to overturn the pattern of thought which is already established over the last many years and the most sensible way to do it is to have an integrated campus for health sciences. Hence, the Shine – Abdur Razzaque Ansari Institute of Health Science and Research.

I am sure that in future we would be able to undertake further steps in this direction to meet the growing needs of the health sector.

(Manzoor Ahmad Ansari)
Founder and Chairman
Abdur Razzaque Ansari Memorial Weavers’ Hospital