Diploma in Pharmacy


D. Pharma Course

The course of study in Diploma of Pharmacy comprises of Part-I, Part-II and Part -III. There shall be an examination in the first year on the subjects of Part-I and an examination in the second year comprising the Part-II subjects and 500 hr/3 months Practical training comprising the Part-III.

The demand of well-qualified pharmacy professional of diverse backgrounds and experiences is greater than ever. The benefits and advantages of the entering pharmacy profession are plentiful. A pharmacy professional with a diploma in pharmacy may contribute to society by serving as a community pharmacist. They can get a better position in different multinational drug industries of repute as sales representatives, drug analysts and quality control analysts. Further, they also have job opportunities as a pharmacist in various health centers of government and public sectors. They have a license to open a pharmacy store. Moreover, they have the opportunity to serve humanity by various ways. For example as a community pharmacist they counsel the patient regarding drug usage, interactions, adverse effects etc.There are also job opportunities abroad as a pharmacist.

Admission Criteria

1. Candidate must be passed in Senior Secondary Exam with regular Science Stream
2. Candidate with Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) OR Physics, Chemistry and Math (PCM) is eligible for admission.
3. Any other qualification approved by Pharmacy Council of India as equivalent to the above Exam.

Duration of the Course

1.Two academic years. Each academic year shall be not less than one hundred and eighty (180) working days.
2. In addition to 2 years, there shall be a 500 hrs of practical training spread over not less than 3 months.

Course of Study

Diploma in Pharmacy Course of Study is divided into three parts, part I (D. Pharma 1st Year), Part II (D. Pharma 2nd Year) and Part III (minimum 500 hrs/3 month practical training). Details of Course of Study with subjects is below (Annexure 1).